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CA Darshan Khare, CA Foundation, CA Intermediate, CA Final Law Best Faculty, And Founder Of WOW Class

CA Darshan Khare is a name in the CA fraternity that is taken with prestige. He is a self-made man.

He is the founder of WOW Class. He is resilient and persistent. He has always challenged himself and gone one extra mile to achieve his goals. He may have failed academic exams but he never failed the exam of life. Whenever destiny tested him, he passed with extra grace marks. He always turned the curse into opportunities. And turned out as a new best version of himself from thorns.

When nobody believed in him, he never lost hope. His optimistic approach toward life has been his key to success.

He was born in a middle-class family. His father is an engineer and his mother is a homemaker. Starting WOW Class was nowhere in the plan of his dreams. Until 8th standard he never knew what CA was. He never heard the name, CA. But that day he got to know that his cousin had become CA. Darshan started searching about it on google and he decided to become a CA. However, his father wanted him to be an engineer. Since he was an average student, his parents had doubts about his strength.

He never focused on his studies properly thinking that if he scored good marks, he had to study engineering. Whereas, he wanted to be a CA. Forcefully, his father enrolled him in the General science stream in 11th std. But the rebellious Darshan had his own ways. He started bunking the classes and associated himself with bad company. He almost became a gangster.

In the last four months of his 12th board exam he studied and managed to pass. His father asked, so now what do you want to do?

He replied: “I want to be a CA”. His father was not ready and there was a cold war between him & his father. Finally, after two days, his father had to convince himself in front of his stubborn child. From there, “Darshan’s journey began from being a “Darshan to CA Darshan Khare” .

Darshan was 2nd topper in his city in the CA foundation. This made his parents believe that he can do it. Afterward his father never questioned his intention.

Darshan wanted to be the first topper in the city in the CA foundation. But he couldn’t compete with his sharp-minded friend. So he decided that in CA-intermediate he will certainly achieve the title “topper in the city”. Therefore, he started his CA-intermediate studies accordingly.

Things were going smoothly but his grandmother passed away four months before the exam. Darshan was in a big shock. Since he never experienced death in his life and he was close to his grandmother. After that incident, whatever he was studying, he couldn’t sustain.

Later, when his life was coming back to normal after his granny’s death, another tragedy happened. Two months before the exams, his hand got fractured. Then also, he didn’t give up. He studied day and night. In turn, he had to suffer a lot due to lack of sleep. Just before his CA-intermediate exam, he had a high fever. Still, he wrote the exams.

On the result day, he failed. You’ll be surprised to know that he failed a CA-intermediate law exam.

Without giving a second thought, he started studying the next day and he cleared his IPCC in both groups. However, he cleared his CA-final with exemption in many subjects.

Initially, he did a job after becoming a CA in Pune. But that job was not giving him peace of mind. Hence, he decided to be a teacher.

There was no student in the first two batches, everybody rejected him. Some people advised him to teach Cost and Financial management. Few suggested him to start from CA-foundation. Whereas he aimed to teach CA-final Law students.

He kept going. He started teaching desks in the room when there were no students. He repeated this for one year, three times a day. After one year, two students turned into his batch. And after that, he never stopped. He has never ever cancelled a batch or class, no matter if students have turned up or not.

Today, CA Darshan Khare is the best teacher of Law in CA foundation, CA intermediate, and CA Final. In 2018 he was listed in the top CA-final law faculty. He has already taught 3,00,000+ students. And 300+ of his students are rank holders.

Exactly after ten years of teaching, he started Wisdom of Winning (WOWClass) with the thought that students will not just have academic knowledge. But they will be groomed overall.

CA Darshan Khare says, “when we don’t take the credit of students’ failures, we don’t have the right to take the credit of their success.”

He is so humble that students gel up like a friend with him. He is a leader who walks the talk. You may find many law teachers, but it’s rare to find a catalyst like him.


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